Thursday, May 5, 2011

My first project

Cinco de Mayos!!!! What are your plans for tonight? ;)

My current project is to plan my friend's wedding in October. I'm really excited, because this will be my very first event and I cannot wait to show you the results of my hardwork.

Currently seeking: talented DJ and affordable florist in the greater Atlanta area. If you qualify, please leave me your name and your email. I will get in touch with you.

My friend has asked me to create her a dessert table. Being a organizational freak that I am, I like to put everything down on paper. This way, I get to visualize my designs and also help the bride and groom to make their decisions. Whether it's work or personal, I like to be sure what I'm saying gets translated exactly the way I want it to be. THAT is the beauty of individuality; everyone perceives objects differently. I am definitely not as talented as my friends at KaLice, but I try :D

I want to create a "garden" feeling to the dessert table as they are both very into birds. Below is just one of my ideas. Open to suggestions please.

Until next time... ciao~

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