Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Photo Booth DIY

Photo Booth is such a cool idea at weddings these days. Everyone wants one but not everyone can afford one. The average costs for a 4 hour unlimited Photo Booth rental ranges up to $1,500, but if you're lucky enough, you might be able to find a deal less than $1K.
For my wedding, I wanted a photo booth as well, but we don't have a budget for it. So I bought a computer software call SparkBooth ($59) and designed my own background of the printout. It is very cost friendly and for the rest of the money you saved, you can use it on a dessert table (which is what I did) or get your dream gown. I also purchased a small printer to immediately print out the pictures, but one thing you must watch out for is to make sure you buy a fast printer. That was the mistake I made. The printouts were so slow that most of my guests got tired of waiting. I was thinking about the portability but forgot about the downtime that it took to print.
Another option, you could just simply leave a sign on the table that informs your guests that their photo booth pictures will be mailed to them after the wedding.

For my photo booth, I supplied my guest with a bunch of props. I found a mustache template online and created these mustache on a stick by using craft felt from Michael's and chinese take-out chopsticks. I also included other stuff I already have at home, such as my angel halo (from my halloween costume), devil's horn headband (also from one of my halloween costume), and a lei I bought in Hawaii a long time ago.

Here's a sample from my photo booth~

Click here to download the mustache template.

Until next time... ciao~

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